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Having been involved in website’s search engine promotion and optimisation for over 20 years I have both the experience and the skills to boost your website up the Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). My approach to SEO is methodical and works with clients of all sizes and with all budgets. I have developed several SEO Audits that allow the customer to pick what is right for them. These audits focus on everything from simple Meta Title and Meta Description audits to checking for lost Google Power due to broken backlinks and a Comprehensive SEO Audit.

Below are the primary SEO products on offer today – all are available through PeoplePerHour – protecting both buyer and seller via their “pay upon completion” escrow system. However, if you are prepared to learn and educate yourself – please take a look at my DIY SEO Guidean introduction to improved Google Ranking

SEO Comprehensive Audit – £150

A great way to kickstart your website’s growth in Google. My SEO Audit utilises the BEST automated professional SEO tools with my personal commentary on any issues uncovered by the audit. I have over 20 years experience providing Search Engine Optimisation advice to clients both in the UK and overseas.

Professional automated audit > Human interpretation > CROSS REFERENCED spreadsheet > SEO TODO list > ONGOING MONITORING optional

With this Search Engine Ranking Audit my clients get the best of both worlds. An automated report produced by one of the world’s leading Search Engine Tools – PLUS – my own interpretation of the audit. Each section is itemised with personalised notes just for you. I want you to understand each and every ISSUE and WARNING, why it affects your website and how we can resolve it.

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NOTE – this full SEO Audit includes all the products detailed individually below with the EXCEPTION of the Broken Backlink Audit

Are you LOSING Google Rank due to BROKEN BACKLINKS ? It’s great having hundreds of external backlinks, gathered over many years of hard work. BUT – if they resolve on a 404 “PAGE NOT FOUND” – you’ve just wasted all that Google Ranking Power.

More about my > Broken External Backlink Report

Discover your Competitors strongest Keywords – £20

Knowing which search phrases and keywords your competitors rank for in Google is PRICELESS. In fact it’s not, it only costs £20 for a complete COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – then just £10 for every other competitor. Let me give you all the statistics on which search phrases your competitors rank for – their landing page URL’s plus the search volume and difficulty of each phrase.

More about my > Competitor’s Search Phrase Ranking Report

SEO Starter Audit – £70

A very popular SEO Starter Audit that often highlights some very basic, but hugely important, search engine optimisation issues. For just £70 it’s a great insight in to how Google views your website – not how you see it. A key benefit of this audit is it’s ease of rectification. The problems highlighted here are generally simple to remedy and don’t require complicated re-coding of your website.

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NOTE – this SEO Starter Audit includes all the products detailed individually below

It doesn’t take long for a website to start suffering from broken links (404 error) and too many redirected links (301 redirect). It often happens when someone changes the name of a webpage and forgets to apply a 301 redirect from the old to the new page. Having ZERO 404 errors has to be good for SEO. Why would Google promote a website where half the links lead nowhere. It simply wouldn’t – especially these days as it’s all about USER EXPERIENCE.

More about my > Error 404 Broken Link Report

Meta Titles & Descriptions Audit – £15

Google applies great significance on your website page’s META TITLES. It is used to check and compare the content of the page and that is then used to help decide what, if anything, to rank your website for. The META DESCRIPTION is then used in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to attract customers – just like a strapline. It is VITALLY important you have optimised Meta Titles (55 to 60 characters) and Meta Descriptions (155 to 160 characters) for good Google ranking and visitor click through.

More about my > Meta Titles & Descriptions SEO Report

Image File Name Audit – £15

GoogleBOT is clever but it can’t “understand” what every picture on your website shows. Using optimised image filenames is a critical step in good SEO. This audit will help a website owner identify and then optimise all the image filenames. I supply a spreadsheet in CSV/XLS or Google Sheets format with the SOURCE URL and image filename of every image on your website

More about my > Image File Name SEO Report

Identify Images missing ALT Text – £15

Google puts a lot of emphasis on websites being ACCESSIBLE to all users. When an IMAGE is used as a LINK to another page on your website Google wants to see content in the ALT ATTRIBUTE. This IMAGE ALT content should tell the user what to expect when they click the image or/and what the image is showing. This is particularly useful for partially sighted visitors. Google wants to see this ALT attribute used.