SEO Audit – excellent value at £150

My SEO Starter Audit is the best £70 you could ever spend on a website. This comprehensive SEO Audit is the best £150 you could invest in your website. A great way to kickstart your website’s growth in Google. My SEO Audit utilises the BEST automated professional SEO tools with my personal commentary on any issues uncovered by the audit. I have over 20 years experience providing Search Engine Optimisation advice to clients both in the UK and overseas.

Everything covered in the Starter Audit is included PLUS: keyword rank checks, competitor analysis and a professional level automated SEO Audit with expert commentary and feedback.

SEO Audit - examples of the main signals investigated by the audit

Professionally Automated Audit > Human interpretation & analyis > Cross Referenced spreadsheet > SEO ToDo list > Ongoing Monitoring (optional)

The best of Both Worlds – AUTOMATION & EXPERIENCE

With this SEO Audit my clients get the best of both worlds. An automated report produced by one of the world’s leading Search Engine Tools – PLUS – my own professional interpretation of the audit. Each section is itemised with personalised notes just for you. I want you to understand each and every ISSUE and WARNING, why it affects your website and how we can resolve it.

Screaming Frog leaves nothing uncovered

At the same time as running the audit I put your website through Screaming Frog – an essential tool for an SEO consultant. From this I export as many as seven CSV files that will be used to cross reference issues highlighted in the SEO Audit. Every issue and warning revealed in the SEO Audit has an associated CSV file – all cross referenced for ease of discussion and follow up. (see 3 x example screengrabs). Here we look at several vital signposts performing a Meta Title and Description audit and a Broken LinksError 404 check – just two of the many tests undertaken in this audit. Please refer to my Starter SEO Audit for more details.

SEO ToDo List on Google Sheets

The client is also presented with a spreadsheet I call the SEO ToDo List. Issues are colour coded from YELLOW to ORANGE to RED. The customer is advised to tackle the RED issues first and work their way through until everything is completed. (see screengrab example)

Example of an Search Engine Optimisation ToDo List

Competitor Analysis & Keyword Rank Tracking

It makes sense when beginning any SEO Audit to start tracking keyword ranking in Google. Between us we decide on the top 20 keywords / search phrases that are most important to your business. (*more available on request). Some might be those highly desirable, yet hard to capture BIG MONEY phrases. These are keywords that, once controlled, yield huge returns in organic traffic. Others will be a little more accessible, possibly of a lower search volume. They are still very relevant and just a little easier to take control of in Google.

How well is the Competition Performing

My SEO Audit identifies how well your competitors rank for the keywords we have targeted. Understanding where your competitors out rank you is a massive advantage and something that can be used to get your business above theirs. The SEO Audit on offer here is a great introduction to competitor analysis. (NOTE – I also offer a more thorough COMPETITOR ANALYSIS package – please refer to my other OFFERS)


Please remember – there is no silver bullet or one shot miracle cure. For just £50/month my clients can RE-AUDIT their website at anytime. Hopefully the SEO Audit score will show improvements as the SEO TODO list is worked through.

Do It Yourself SEO Guide

I’m here to help you, as a professional SEO Troubleshooter, that’s my job. However, if you are prepared to learn and educate yourself – please take a look at my DIY SEO Guidean introduction to improved Google Ranking. Read this short guide to better understand some of the basic mistakes people (and web design agencies) make when building a website.

SEO is an ongoing, nurturing process that develops over time through attention to detail and original, informative content. This is just the start of your journey climbing up the Search Engine Results Pages. I hope I can guide you on this journey – Tristan Haskins