What Keywords bring traffic to your Competitor’s website?

Knowing which search phrases and keywords your competitors rank for in Google is PRICELESS. In fact it’s not, it only costs £40 for a complete COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – then just £20 for every other competitor. Let me give you all the statistics on which search phrases your competitors rank for – their landing page URL’s plus the search volume and difficulty of each phrase. To make it even better value for money I’ll provide a FREE report detailing the phrases YOUR OWN website ranks for. Discovering you’ve been hovering around 11th position for a valuable search phrase can lead to major SERP breakthroughs.

Understand the keywords and search phrases that are sending organic traffic to your competitors website

A spreadsheet with ALL your Competitor’s Ranking Queries

With my Competitor’s Keyword Audit you get a comprehensive CSV / XLS file (or Google Sheets if you prefer) with all the revealing details. This information can be used to create your OWN content – content that will hopefully outrank your competition. Don’t just guess why your competiton is beating you in the Battle of the Search Engines. Let me tell you what they rank for and which phrases are the most prominent traffic providers. Columns included in the spreadsheet are:

Keyword, Difficulty, Search vol, SERP Features, Position,Previous position,Competition, CPC, URL, Taffic, Traffic share, Traffic cost – everything you need to build a keyword capture strategy

I also provide the number of DOMAIN BACKLINKS the competitor has – this can be compared to your own business (also provided). Please note – this just a peek at how many backlinks a competitor has. Backlink Analysis of your competitors website is another proven method of gaining ranking positions. My external backlink audit provides a spreadsheet of ALL the websites linking to your competitor’s site. Target these sources and try to get your own backlinks from the same websites. Building a high quality backlink profile is an essential Search Engine Optimisation technique.

PLEASE NOTE – I need to know which search engine you want me to check – for example Google.co.uk or Google.com or Google.other eg Google.it (Italy)

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Whatever problems you are having with search engines – in particular improving your Google ranking please get in touch. Contact me, Tristan Haskins, Kings Lynn SEO expert. With over 20 years hands on experience both as a digital marketeer and a website designer. If you want to try it yourself read this short article – “How to do your own SEO” an a DIY guide to Search Engine Optimisation written in plain English.