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Broken Links Bad for SEO

Put yourself in the head of a GoogleBot – the relentless little beastie that has to crawl through your website to determine a) what it’s all about and b) whether or not it wants to include you in the Google rankings. How then do you imagine this little Bot will feel if many of the links it follows are BROKEN – in website lingo, that’s a 404 ERROR or “Page Not Found“.

Google doesn’t directly demote a website with a few 404 errors, they happen so it can overlook a handful. However, it’s certainly NOT going to PROMOTE a website in the search engine rankings if the site is littered with dozens of BROKEN LINKS. For that reason alone, I’m going to say that broken links are BAD for SEO

Broken Links Audit - improve SEO with a 404 Error check

Thankfully, there’s a very simple way of identifying ALL your broken links. I can run a report which will SPIDER your website in a similar way to the GoogleBOT and all other search engine BOTS will. This little spider will crawl all the internal (and external) links and identify all those that resolve in an ERROR 404 – broken link. I offer this service for just £15 on PeoplePerHour ! and that includes a RE-TEST once you tell me it’s fixed.

Are broken links Bad for SEO - too many 404 Errors

Following the completion of this broken link audit I provide the customer with a XLS/CSV or even Google Sheets spreasheet listing all the SOURCE and DESTINATION URL’s. Your job then is simply to visit the SOURCE page and fix the BROKEN link. When you have finished, let me know and I will RE-RUN the broken link audit and, hopefully, pat you on the back. Failing that I’lll send you another file with a list of the persistent ERROR 404’s. Don’t delay and get climbing the ranking ladder today with a ERROR 404 – Broken Link Audit

NOTE – please consider my SEO Starter Audit offering the best VALUE for money at just £70. If you would like to purchase JUST this package for £15 please pop over to PeoplePerHour or contact me directly.

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