Check for LOST Google Power pages

The rational behind this report is simple. The more informative, educational, original and authoritative a website is, the more other websites link back to it. That’s what an external backlink is – a link from a third party website back you yours. In the world of SEO a good quality external backlink profile is essential to progress up the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages)

It’s great having hundreds of backlinks, gathered over many years of hard work. BUT – if they resolve on a 404 “PAGE NOT FOUND” – you’ve just wasted all that RANKING POWER. For just £50 I can provide you with a list of all these broken destination links.

My REVERSE Backlink AUDIT is the solution. I will provide a CSV file of all your BACKLINKS. I then run them through a professional BROKEN LINK tool. This tool will check they resolve with a 200 status – Page OK. All those links that have been lost to PAGE NOT FOUND are highlighted and presented to you in the spreadhseet. You simply repair them and RECOVER all that lost Google Ranking power

PLEASE NOTE – there are two quick ways of fixing these broken links. You can either 301 redirect them to a similar page or create a new page with the OLD lost URL. Further details are included in the finished report.

An image highlighting the importance of maintaining your backlinks - my reverse external backlink checker

Please be aware that this is NOT an audit looking for TOXIC BACKLINKS. We only look at recovering lost external links. Each link has a Domain Trust score and Page Trust and Alexa Ranking score. These values should be used for determining which links should be recovered. Unless you have PURCHASED bogus backlinks then it’s unlikely you will need a Toxic Backlink audit. However, if you are worried about the quality of your backlinks please contact meKing’s Lynn SEO expert – to discuss further.

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