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Body Text Word Cloud Analysis

If you’re reading this you probably already know that unique, well written content is KING. Get the content right and your Google Rankings should improve as other websites link to you as a reference point. Getting the actual content right is just HALF the battle. The other half is HOW you PRESENT that content to the SearchBOTS. Getting this right will take you several steps up the Search Engine listings.

See your CONTENT like GoogleBOT views it

Google doesn’t want you to write content like a robot. It definitely does want to see an over-optimised page stuffed with keywords and search phrases. It wants your content to be creative and to flow. Google also like to see a good use of Headers from H1 to H4,H5 and even H6. But what does your website’s onpage body text look like to a searchBOT crawling your page for Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo? One proven method of understanding how your page appears to a SearchBOT is with a Body Text Word Cloud. This professional tool analyses the content, density, frequency and prominence of every word on a page to create ths Body Text Word Cloud

Example of a Body Text Density Cloud

The example of Body Text Word Cloud below is from my own website. It should be immediately apparant by just glancing at a Word Cloud to know what a page is about and how GoogleBOT will view it. The example below is my main page about the Seiko Samurai Divers Watch. Basically, I’m reasonably happy with it, no surprises or wasted emphasis. I can also see important keywords that relate to this product such as – automatic, prospex, padi and diver.

This is how Google and other search engines see the content of your website as visualised with a Body Text Word Cloud

Don’t stop here – have an Internal Anchor Text Cloud review

Do you really know how your website has been constructed and what “anchor text” is used to link from Page A to Page B and from Page B and A to the homepage? Let me tell you. My “Internal Anchor Text – WORD CLOUD” will show you in a simple word density graphic how Google views your website with regard to internal anchor text. Below is an example of one of my own – No1 Ranking Pages.

How you link your website pages is visualised here with an Achor Text Word Cloud

INCLUDED in the price of the Body Text Word Cloud review is an Anchor Text Word Cloud audit. For each of the TEN pages I perform the CONTENT cloud I will also produce a FREE ANCHOR TEXT cloud. When it’s all done you will have a VERY CLEAR view of how GoogleBOT and other search engines view your website. I can then guide you to some simple changes, if required, to improve your rankings.

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