Internal Anchor Text Word Cloud

Imagine a website with an index of pages names like this > “PAGE1 – PAGE2 – PAGE3”. That doesn’t tell the visitor anything and it certainly doesn’t tell a search engine what’s going on here. Every website should have an easy to follow MENU. The words used in the MENU should be relevant to the content being served at the destination pages. Likewise, any LINKS within the CONTENT that direct visitors to other pages in the SAME website should be viewed as little signposts that can be used by the SearchBOTS to understand what your website is all about. The words used to link from page A to page B should be informative and relevant

Crawl your website like a GoogleBOT

Do you really know how your website has been constructed and what “anchor text” is used to link from Page A to Page B and from Page B and A to the homepage? The “Internal Anchor Text – WORD CLOUD” illustrates in a simple word density graphic how GoogleBOT views a website with regard to internal anchor text. Below is an example from one of my own – No1 Ranking Pages

Example of an internal anchor text word cloud - important for good search engine ranking

Examples of Anchor Text Word Clouds

The example above is an anchor text word cloud from my own website. This page deals with the sale of Seiko Samurai diver’s watches. I have over 2,000 internal links to this page (inluding menus). I’m reasonably happy with the density of anchor text to this page – although I will try to add some more “SALES” related anchors to increase the emphasis on “watches for sale”. Just doing this simple exercise and selecting a page at random I have given myself a ToDo task ?

The example below is from my PRIMARY (parent) Seiko Dive Watches page. I’m very happy with the anchor text density cloud here. I don’t want this page to compete with a SPECIFIC model – this is just the general cover all “Seiko Divers Watches”.

Another example of a density cloud for internal anchor links - vital for good SEO

Don’t stop here – have a Body Text Word Cloud review

What does your website’s onpage body text look like to a searchBOT crawling your page for Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo? One proven method of understanding how does your page appear to Google is with a Body Text Word Cloud. This professional tool analyses the content, density, frequency and prominence of every word on a page to create this Body Text Word Cloud

The example below is again from my own website. This page is the main information page for all the Seiko Divers Watches. I’m very happy with this as I can see precisely where the prominence is placed “Seiko Dive Watches”.

A Body Text Word Cloud example showing onpage density and prominence as Search Engines will view it

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