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SEO Goggles is a company with one goal in mind, to see your website at the top of the search engines. As an established SEO consultancy who have been tuning websites since 1996, we have seen a host of unscrupulous, or black hat, techniques come and go. We have also seen the wake of destruction they can leave behind them.

What SEO Goggles have helped us do is understand what we did wrong before, and what we need to start doing now

PolesandBlinds.com (a customer since 2015)

If you want to find out more about our origins, our experiences and what drives us to help you to succeed online, please carry on reading.

SEO GOGGLES – background from 1996

SEO Goggles is the trading name of Tristan Haskins. With my partner, Louise Barby, we ran our own internet e-commerce sites from 1996 to 2014. I managed ALL the SEO myself and achieved 8 years of turnover in excess of £1.5M from predominantly three websites heartratemonitor.co.uk, shop4leatherman.co.uk and shop4gerber.co.uk with just 3 full time staff. We decided to close down the main business, BHIP Ltd, in late 2013 as there was simply no margins in the products we sold due to online competition from Amazon and other huge warehouses. We could RANK No1… but at 15% more expensive than Amazon, no sale. Anyway, we still rank well for heart rate monitors, and even manage to squeeze a little bit of commission out of Amazon too.

SEO TROUBLESHOOTER – growing customers websites

I’m now busy growing other people’s websites from small beginnings, as I did in 1996. Working from Hunstanton, near Kings Lynn in the beautiful county of Norfolk. A speciality of SEO Goggles is troubleshooting ranking blockages and increasing your keyword coverage in Google.

Any Platform – any customer – any size

We have worked with, and are still working with, companies with annual turnovers from £15K to several million pounds. No business is too big or too small. Our aim is always the same, to get you to the top of the first page of Google for relevant and traffic rich search phrases / keywords. We work with all business sizes and localities from doorstep local Hunstanton and Kings Lynn businesses, many Nationals and several International concerns.

We believe in nurturing our customer’s websites, and educating our customers themselves (only if they want to listen). With so many modern websites built on CMS (customer managed systems) like WordPress, Joomla and Concrete5, it is VERY EASY for an unknowing content manager to change a few words on a key landing page only to destroy several weeks hard SEO work.

SEO AUDITS – proven methods used on dozens of websites

Our methodology when approaching a new SEO Audit starts with an extensive research in to your historical search engine performance. What have been your successes and what have been your search result failings. We also review your main competitors and the keywords they control. We look to see how many business sector relevant keywords you are ranking for and the predicted traffic they should yield. This data can be compared to your main competitors, and vice versa.

We then start the SEO audit proper. Looking at website structure, semantic architecture, use of headers, meta titles, page names, URL structures, image names, social media exposure, site loading speed etc. There are over 200 Google ranking signals used to determine the position of a website in the SERP. We believe we know them all but we focus on the most important 20 or 30. Sometimes it’s a multitude of many small issues, sometimes it’s ONE HUGE SEO mistake that’s preventing high rankind. Finding many small issues or the ONE BIG problem holding your website down is what makes us tick. Your SEO problem is our challenge.

Tristan Haskins - owner of SEO Googles - a Search Engine Optimisation consultant from Norfolk
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Whatever problems you are having with Google and getting better ranking in search engines please get in touch with an experienced SEO expert – with over 20 years hands on experience both as a digital marketeer and a website designer. If you want to try it yourself read our Guide on How to get better search engine rankings here. A plain English SEO 101 handbook.