SEO “Starter” Audit – 7 stage deep crawl

This page is about my most popular starter package to rectify some of the most common mistakes made leading to Search Engine Ranking failure. Follow the advice from my 7 Stage Deep Crawl aka the SEO “Starter” Audit and start climbing the Google ranking pages. A very popular product that often highlights some very basic, but hugely important, search engine optimisation issues.

For just £70 it’s a great insight in to how Google views your website – not how you see it. I put my SEO Goggles on and crawl your website like a GoogleBOT. A key benefit of this audit is it’s ease of rectification. The problems highlighted here are generally simple to remedy and don’t require complicated re-coding of your website.

Nothing hides from the Screaming Frog Spider

This is one of the first set of tests I do at the start of my relationship with a new client as their SEO Consultant. Seven deep crawl tests to check some of the most important aspects of any website. The tests are performed using Screaming Frog – an essential “spidering” tool for SEO professionals. Each of these tests is available individually but here I have packed them all together for just £70. Get these right and you website has a very good chance of leaping ahead of your competitors

SEO Starter Audit - a deep crawl test of 7 important Google ranking signals

From the minute you sign up for this offer I am with you all the way. I will perform the audits and compile a spreadsheet for each. These spreadsheets provides all the information you need to make your website more attractive to Google. I will provide a PLAIN ENGLISH email with each of the reports giving simple to follow instruction on how to best implement these changes.

FREE re-test when you’ve implented the changes

Included in the price is a RE-TEST of all tests and the provision of NEW and hopefully Search Engine Optimised results in spreadsheet format. Get started today by clicking on the button below. This will take you to my SHOP on PeoplePerHour

What’s included in the Screaming Frog Starter Audit

Each one of these subjects is critical in achieving Google success. Included in this package are the following spidering / crawl audits. From my many years ranking website’s I have narrowed the most important signals down to those tested here. At the end of the audit the customer is presented with a number of spreadsheets each with a clear instruction of what’s wrong, and how to fit it. These comments are handwritten by me, no automation here.

It doesn’t take long for a website to start suffering from broken links (404 error) and too many redirected links (301 redirect). It often happens when someone changes the name of a webpage and forgets to apply a 301 redirect from the old to the new page. Google won’t punish you for a few 404 errors (page not found) as such, but it also expects you to direct people to LIVE and VALID pages directly, preferably without going via a 301 redirect. In other words – having ZERO 404 errors has to be GOOD for SEO. Why would Google promote a website where half the links lead nowhere. It wouldn’t – especially these days as it’s all about USER EXPERIENCE.

Example of a Broken Links audit showing Error 404 Page Not Found from several pages
Broken Links & 301 Redirects Audit

Image Filename Audit

GoogleBOT is clever but it can’t “understand” what every picture on your website shows. Image filenames are a vital SEO ranking signal. Using optimised image filenames is a critical step in good SEO. This audit will help a website owner identify and then optimise all the image filenames. I supply a spreadsheet in CSV/XLS or Google Sheets format with the SOURCE URL and image filename of every image on your website

Audit of your websites Image Filenames to ensure search engine optimisation

Linked Images Missing ALT Text

Google puts a lot of emphasis on websites being ACCESSIBLE to all users. When an IMAGE is used as a LINK to another page on your website Google wants to see content in the ALT ATTRIBUTE. This IMAGE ALT content should tell the user what to expect when they click the image or/and what the image is showing. This is particularly useful for partially sighted visitors. Google wants to see this ALT attribute used.

Results of Missing Image ALT TEXT audit

Meta Titles & Descriptions Audit

Google applies great significance on your website page’s META TITLES. It is used to check and compare the content of the page and that is then used to help decide what, if anything, to rank your website for. The META DESCRIPTION is then used in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to attract customers. It is VITALLY important you have optimised Meta Titles (55 to 60 characters) and Meta Descriptions (155 to 160 characters)

Audit of your website Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Header 1 and H2 Audit

These headers are a HUGE signpost to the GoogleBots. Get them right and you are helping Google understand what this page is all about. Get them wrong and you are relying on other, less powerful, signals to get the message over to Google

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