Search Engine Optimisation by Tristan Haskins of SEO Goggles

I have been involved with successful websites since 1996. My career in SEO started unwittingly when I established as a marketing module for my Sports Science Diploma in 1997. That business went on to become the largest independent retailer of fitness watches in the UK.

After a decade of success my business partner and I decided to sell up and move to pastures new. And that’s where I am now. As well as tending my own current websites ( I act as an independent SEO Consultant – helping improve your website’s rankings in Google and other search engines.

Organic SEO

Everything I do at SEO Goggles is designed to promote long lasting organic growth. My aim is to promote your website to first page rankings in your chosen sector by adopting industry recognised search engine optimisation techniques that will yield long term traffic growth. Best practices always applied

Top of Google Tomorrow!

I have experience of some unscrupulous SEO agencies that offer the world and they can give it to you in just a few days. There is no MAGIC BULLET to get your business to the top of Google, it takes time and effort to get there.. and more time and effort to remain at the top.

Minimal Design Impact

I have been involved in search engine optmisation for long enough to realise sometimes there is a conflict between what I want and what you want from a DESIGN/BRAND perspective. I will work with you in ensuring minimum impact to website design

SEO Wonder Drug – Silver Bullet

I don’t adopt the very latest SEO techniques just because everyone else is flogging them death. No promised of wonder drugs or silver bullets. I work only on established, proven SEO techniques to help increase your website’s ranking. I will tell you precisely what I’ve done, and how I did it.

Graphic showing techniques of improving search engine rankings
Some of the SEO Factors investigated

Measure & Analyse the Competition

Our clients often say how refreshing it is to be told what is going on. Whether it’s our local Kings Lynn & Norfolk customers or our National and International clients, our goals are the same. I aim to educate and inform our clients with regard to better in-house SEO practice.

  1. Agreed Objectives
  2. Measurable Ranking & Traffic Results
  3. Clear and Transparent Reporting
  4. Ongoing monthly SEO health checks
  5. Broken Links Audit (error 404)
  6. Backlink Quality Audits
  7. Keyword Rank Tracking
  8. Competitor’s SEO Analysis

I monitor SEO signals on your site, but I also investigate them on your competitors’ websites. Knowing what they are doing and how well they are performing in the search engines can provide valuable feedback in the ranking battle.

SEO Services include

SEO Audits

Our SEO audits are written in plain and understandable English. I append all critique with a recommended action strategy. I will work in parallel with your developers to implement agreed optimisation strategies. I can perform an SEO audit on any size of website from a 2 page WordPress blog to a 3,000 page Magento e-commerce platform. My most popular package is the 6 Stage Deep Crawl SEO Audit

Keyword Analysis

Knowing where you are with regard to search engine traffic is essential before embarking on any improvement programme. A key factor with regard to SEO success is Keyword Coverage. How many keywords your website is top 20 ranking for and how much traffic they are/could bring. Monthly monitoring of keyword ranking is essential

Google RANK Tracking

I have experience of some unscrupulous SEO agencies that “Keywords” is one of our industry’s buzzwords. Some agencies might be able to double, or treble the number of keywords you have ranking in Google top 10. Great… if they are relevant to your business. Getting the right keywords ranking is more important than how many. I offer a monthly Google rank tracking service on your most relevant keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing why your competitors is at the top of the Google rankings while  you are not vital. More than 90% of search engine traffic goes to the first 4 rankings. Being ranked 5th or 6th just won’t do. Analysing a competitor’s website looking at structure, content, backlinks and social media can provide essential ammunition to help climb above them

Google Analytics

I have seen SEO promotion products come and go. There are some good products available, but there are also some shockers. One of the best tools to help you get ahead of your competitors is Google Analytics. Google Analytics will tell you where your customers come from, which pages they like, don’t like and a LOT MORE etc. And it’s FREE

Part of YOUR Team

When I start work with a company I spend “off the clock” time and effort to understand precisely what your business is about. I want to know who your competitors are and what I can do to help tackle them in the search engine results pages (SERPs). I work with you and for you. I can only represent one client from one business sector at a time.

Want your website to grow Organically