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Search Engine Optimisation by Tristan Haskins of SEO Goggles - based in Hunstanton, Norfolk, PE36 6DW. Norfolk SE Expert

This is the website of Tristan Haskins – a freelance professional SEO Consultant based in Hunstanton, Norfolk. My job is to improve your website’s rankings in Google and other search engines. The methods of Search Engine Optimisation employed are all ethical and “white hat”. No tricks, no penalties. Start now with an SEO Audit and watch your online presence grow.

I have been involved with successful websites since 1996. My career in SEO started unwittingly when I established as a marketing module for my Sports Science Diploma in 1997. That business went on to become the largest independent retailer of fitness watches in the UK.

What is an SEO Consultant

What tasks does an SEO Consultant perform and how does a business benefit from employing one? The primary aim of a SEO Consultant is to grow a business’s Google presence by a) improving the search phrases the website currently ranks with and b) capturing NEW keywords generating new business from previously untapped sources. The starting point to achieving this is normally with an SEO Audit to identify blockages, errors and omissions. Basically to find any issues with the website that might be hindering it’s performance in the Search Engine Rankings.

Organic Growth

All the work completed at SEO Goggles is designed to promote long lasting organic growth. That term implies nurture and long term commitment. That’s exactly that is required if a website is to improve it’s search engine ranking. The aim is to promote your website to first page rankings in your chosen sector. This is achieved by adopting industry recognised search engine optimisation techniques that will yield long term traffic growth. Best practices are always applied – there’s no smoke and mirrors.

Top of Google Rankings!

Climbing to the Top of Google Rankings is not something that happens over night. There are, unfortunately, some unscrupulous SEO agencies out there that offer the world. They may also suggest they can give it to you in just a few days. That’s simply not the case. There is no secret switch that gets pressed and suddenly your No1 in Google. To get your National or local Norfolk business to the top of Google, it takes time and effort to get there and more time and effort to remain at the top.

Minimal Design Impact

Being involved with search engine optmisation for many years shows that sometimes there is a conflict between what the consultant wants and what the Customer wants from a DESIGN / BRAND perspective.

Working with the client to manage minimum impact to website design is critical. At the same time ensuring your search engine rankings improve. The earlier a specialist is involved – preferably at website development stage – the better.

Silver Bullet for Ranking Failures

If you are experiencing a Search Engine Ranking failure you might get desperate and search for a quick solution. It’s not always best to adopt the very latest SEO techniques just because everyone else is flogging them death. No promised of wonder drugs or silver bullets. It important to work only on established, proven techniques to help increase your website’s ranking. Getting feedback along the way telling the client precisely what has been done and why

Graphic showing techniques employed by an SEO Consultant to improve search engine rankings. Norfolk SEO expert Tristan Haskins can get you to the top of Google
Some of the SEO Factors investigated
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Measure & Analyse the Competition

Our clients often say how refreshing it was to be told what is going on. Whether it’s our local Kings Lynn & Norfolk customers or our National and International clients, our goals are the same. To educate and inform with regard to better in-house SEO practice.

Pick from the Bronze Audit – starting at just £125. Or, if you want to really learn, visit the DIY Guide – self help about important Google ranking signals

  1. Agreed Objectives
  2. Measurable Ranking & Traffic Results
  3. Clear and Transparent Reporting
  4. Ongoing monthly SEO health checks (optional)
  5. Broken Links Audit (error 404)
  6. Backlink Quality Audits
  7. Keyword Rank Tracking
  8. Competitor’s SEO Analysis

Dozens of SEO signals on your website are monitored – but that’s not all. Investigating these signals on a competitors’ websites can be enlightening. Knowing what they are doing and how well they are performing in the search engines can provide valuable feedback in the SERP ranking battle.

Discovering which search phrases a competitor ranks for – and even which pages they rank with – is a great way of improving Google rankings.

SEO Services provided to Norfolk Companies

SEO Audits for Norfolk Businesses

Our SEO audits are written in plain and understandable English. All critique is provided with a recommended action strategy. Working in parallel with your own developers to implement agreed optimisation strategies. Audits can be performed on any size of website from a 2 page WordPress blog to a 3,000 page Magento e-commerce platform. Among Norfolk businesses, the most popular package is the Gold Audit – £250 – this is often all it takes to get your website seen above the competition.

Keyword Analysis

Knowing where your business is with regard to search engine traffic is essential before embarking on any improvement programme. This is the same whether you are a local Norfolk company or a National concern. A key factor with regard to SEO success is Keyword Coverage. How many keywords does your website have with a top 20 ranking and what volume of organic traffic is associated to them. Are they the best keywords in your specific sector? Monthly monitoring of keyword ranking is essential

Google RANK Tracking

For some unscrupulous SEO agencies the number of Keywords a business controls is all they are interested in. Certain SEO businesses might claim to have the ability to double, or treble the number of keywords your business has. Great – if they are relevant to your business. As professional SEO Consultants is all about Getting the right keywords ranking for your business – more important than simply how many.

A monthly Google rank tracking service is available on your most relevant keywords.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding why a competitors’ website is at the top of the Google rankings while yours is not is very important. More than 90% of search engine traffic goes to the first 4 rankings. Being ranked 5th or 6th is good – but huge increases in traffic can be gained from a small jump up the ranking. Analysing a competitor’s website looking at structure, content, back-links and social media can provide essential ammunition to help climb above them. Know what keywords your competitor ranks for

Google Analytics

SEO promotion products come and go. There are some good products available, but there are also some shockers. One of the best tools to help you get ahead of your competitors is Google Analytics. Google Analytics will tell a business where their customers come from, which pages they like, don’t like and a LOT MORE etc. And it’s FREE. If you haven’t already – sign up for Google Analytics here (external link to This applied to all businesses – local Norfolk business to International platforms.

Part of YOUR Team

It is important that an SEO Consultant works with it’s client – adopting a vested interest in the success of that business. A lot of time and effort is spent in understanding precisely what a client’s business is about. SEO Goggles will work with you and for you.

Please note – only one client in any specific business sector can be represented at a time. A 12 month buffer period is also applied for new business in the same market sector.

Testimonials from Nationwide SEO Clients

Some endorsements from past and current clients.

I endorse Tristan for search engine optimisation, SEO Audits, search engine ranking, website fixes and general website performance optimisation.

Tristan is very approachable and is an analytic thinker. He identified a number of improvements to maximise throughput to our website before implementing them. This has resulted in considerable grown and increased sales. I would therefore be happy to endorse Tristan.

Graham C (ID Uniforms Wirral)

I launched my website 16 years ago and I have been a client of Tristan’s for over 10 years. As a company we have dealt with many different specialists and agencies over the years regarding SEO, and Tristan is by far the best.

Very intelligent, analytical, logical and honest, Tristan has made a huge difference to the success of my business by us following his well thought through strategies and advice over the years.
I wholeheartedly recommend working with Tristan, you wont be disappointed!

James F (

I’ve worked with Tristan on a number of SEO projects big and small and the results have been nothing short of amazing every single time. He doesn’t use any dodgy black-hat techniques and his work is very thorough, professional and transparent. Recommended for jobs of all sizes and locality whether SEO Norfolk, Nationwide of Global

In summary, if you need to get the best SEO results possible from your website (and who doesn’t?) you need to speak to Tristan! I highly recommend his services.

Marcus H (Freelance CRO expert – Norfolk)